Wright & Royal Continental Collection Custom Handmade Cutlery


The Continental Collection equips you with every blade necessary to get your game from the timber to the table. The inspiration for these knives was drawn from a different time. A time when men made a living with the tools they forged from molten steel and produced leather goods from animals they’d slain. A time where hard work, quality, and a man’s word helped form not only individuals’ livelihood but this nation as a whole.

When purchased as a set, The Continental Collection includes all 5 knives, plus 2 buffalo glasses.

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Each component in The Continental Collection is built in a small batch and forged by the hands of an Army veteran. From the blade itself, formed from 1080 carbon steel tempered to 56-58 Rockwell hardness, to the Micarta handle. Each blade is also wrapped in a rich 100% leather sheath, which is custom cut and sewn.

The exact moment in time when the name for these knives was chosen occurred on a mountain in Chaffee County, CO. Standing in the tram house of the Mary Murphy Mine, it all seemed to make perfect sense. Men from a different time pursuing a dream in a new land, carving their names into a chapter of history. All of these men are now long gone, but their stories live on.

Each blade within The Continental Collection assumes the name of a man buried in a cemetery in a town connected to the Mary Murphy Mine via the Continental Divide. So, if you’re looking for a quality set of cutlery that will last a lifetime and then some; you’ve found it. Welcome to The Continental Collection.


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