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Hawg Lawg Kit

Hawg Lawg kits are total package kits available in the Starter Kit (Single Pole kit), Hawg Lot (5 pole kit), and Hawg Farm (1o pole kit) These kits include everything you need to effectively run every pole such as weights, leads, hooks, and replacement lines. Choose the What’s Included option below to see which one works best for you!

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How do you take the best ditty pole fishing system on the market and make it better? Well, we can’t tell you all of that of course, that information is classified. What we can tell you is that we have taken the best ditty pole fishing system on the market and made it better. Let’s just say we doubled down.

No knots. No tangled lines. No hassles. Our patented ditty pole system revolutionizes traditional bank fishing with everything you need to catch monster fish in one convenient kit. All you need is the bait! You can set up and tear down a Hawg Lawg in minutes, plus everything is reusable so you can run lines all summer on the same set of poles. All components are made in the USA.

Hawg Starter

  • One ultra-tough 7-ft Hawg Lawg pole with retractable 400-lb Spectra test line
  • One reusable Hawg Lead with bead and 10/0 Trokar hook
  • One 2 oz. egg sinker
  • One spare Hawg Tie (replacement line)

Hawg Lot

  • Five ultra-tough 7-ft Hawg Lawg poles with retractable 400-lb Spectra test line
  • One 40-oz. mallet
  • One Hawg Lawg Loaded Tackle Box (includes six reusable Hawg Leads with beads and 10/0 Trokar hooks, six 2 oz. egg sinkers and five 400-lb barrel swivels)
  • Five Hawg Tags
  • One spare Hawg Tie (replacement line)
  • Product manual
  • Custom-made, multiple-pole storage bag sewn in the USA (Kryptek Typhon Camo)

Hawg Farm

  • Ten ultra-tough 7-ft Hawg Lawg® poles with retractable 400-lb Spectra test line
  • One 40-oz. mallet
  • Two Hawg Lawg® Loaded Tackle Boxes (each box includes six reusable Hawg Leads with beads and 10/0- Trokar hooks, six 2 oz. egg sinkers and five 400-lb barrel swivels)
  • 10 Hawg Tags
  • One spare Hawg Tie (replacement line)
  • Product manual
  • Custom-made, multiple-pole storage bag sewn in the USA (Kryptek Typhon Camo)

7 reviews for Hawg Lawg Kit

  1. Ross Stotts

    I was headed to a family place we have in Hico Texas (Bosque River) and two days before we were leaving we saw The MudbuM Boys show. We decided we had to have a set of the Hawg Lawgs two days before we left. I called that next morning expecting to get the corporate 7-10 business days from someone that didn’t really care and end up with a really disappointed son. Crash picked up the phone and said he would call me back and see what he could do. Within thirty minutes I received a call back saying he could FedEx them and I could have them for the trip. I can’t tell you how nice it was to deal with someone who really cared. The Hawg Lawg kit showed up as promised and got loaded into the truck. On to the fun part. Everything was as described. Easy set up and all the parts were very well organized. My son and I hadn’t opened the doors all the way and we were on our way to set the Hawg Lawgs. Easy set up for my son and I and had catfish waiting on us every morning (not normal for us wit trout lines in this location). We spent a week down there catching and releasing the fish in hopes my son will be able to take his son and catch as well as we did that week. Worth mentioning after a week of fishing and hunting we were tired and pick up was a breeze. Thank y’all, it’s rare to find someone that follows up on their word plus a product I would sell to my family and suggest the Hawg Lawg to anyone that wants to catch catfish. Thanks for the fun, but mainly for the memories my son and I will have forever. Thank you.

  2. Adam Hatch

    First off 5 out of 5 stars for this product. I will speak very candidly later on but for the people who want to get the highlights ill make it short and sweet in this first paragraph. It is very easy to setup and takedown and even easier to transport with the bag. It is extremely strong and I wouldn’t imagine any kind of abuse from a fish could break it. On top of that the company has a lifetime warranty on their product. And it is made in the USA so that is a huge plus. If you are seasoned in this kind of fishing or a beginner this product is the best on the market.

    I purchased this product over the winter early 2016 from one of the shows that the MudbuMs put on in Des Moines. Let me start with the fact that I traditionally rod and reel fish but wanted to try this style out. I know a lot of people would say that it may lose the excitement out of fishing by this method, but I assure you from a Rod and Reel fishing perspective, that this is completely false. I would say the excitement coming up on a Hawg Lawg bouncing in the water is equally if not more exciting then the rod and reel. You have no idea what monster is beneath and that is just an incredible rush.

    Finally the people that should consider this are not only the very serious fishermen with boats. While yes, I do fish with a boat 80% of the time this is not needed for this product. I went camping just last weekend and pulled the camper rather then the boat and walked the bank and banged in a few Hawg Lawgs. I woke up to a huge channel catfish that had crushed a 5 inch bluegill. So any lake or even pond would be sufficient to pull out big channel catfish. My advice, get you a Hawg Lawg and bang it into a bank. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Jack Cowan

    Love my Hawg Farm. Easy to use and very effective in my opinion. Best kept secret in catfishing.

  4. Rodger Lange

    I love the Hawg Lawg! Had it out the first time and within 30 minutes with only a worm I caught a 3 lbs channel cat. Great product. I hope to use it a lot more!

  5. Brett Holden

    Just a few words from Texas. I have been catfishing the rivers in Texas my entire life. While mostly the Brazos River here in my home town of Richmond, Texas, I never had a great place to launch and boat ramps are far and few in between in this area. Last year I purchased a piece of property on the river and have been hitting it harder than ever hunting big Flatheads and Blue Cats. A friend sent me the link to The MudbuMs Facebook and I watched the video of the guys from the show catching a nice Flathead on a “Hawg Lawg”. Seeing the action of a bouncing pole stuck in the river bank is what it’s all about. When I saw the video I tracked down the website and ordered some Hawg Lawgs that evening. The next day The MudbuMs called me confirming the order. We talked a while about big catfish and their cool show. To my surprise my Hawg Lawgs showed up at my doorstep the very next day! My buddies and I were already fishing the river and had a few limb lines set. We instantly loaded up the Hawg Lawgs and rolled out to get them set for the night.
    Here are a few of the cool things we liked about our new Hawg Lawgs:

    1. We set them up in areas we couldn’t set our other lines fishing the eddies in the clay bank of the swollen Brazos River.

    2. We were able to set the Hawg Lawgs into locations around all the hanging vines and roots that we usually have trouble finding a spot to tie to and avoided snags. They were perfect for this!

    3. We were able to easily drive them into the hard clay bank with the design these guys came up with.

    Now on to how they performed! We had flatheads the next day on our Hawg Lawgs. Throughout the week we managed to catch several big flatheads and a few really nice blues. The Hawg Lawgs worked perfect! Lots of action on the drive up in the boat which was super exciting! Easy to clean, easy to rig and un-rig just as they described and super-fast set up! I’m ordering more now. Our river rises and falls as much as 30 ft in 24 hours. The Hawg Lawgs made it easy to work the bank on the rise. I’m super happy with my purchase!

    Thanks for the great customer service and I watched y’alls show for the first time last week. Very cool! We will be tuned in!

  6. Kyle Harris

    At first it seemed a little complicated to use the Hawg Lawg, but after setting a couple of them up it became real easy. They are easy to use even when I am by myself setting them out. I have been fishing around mostly clay banks and they are easy to hammer into the banks. They are a very durable ditty pole. I was afraid of it being pulled out of the bank on my first night setting them out and could not sleep. I have been fishing on the White river in Des Arc Arkansas and have been catching some good catfish, but have yet to line up a monster on one of the poles. Though they are a little pricey and people look at me funny when I tell them how much I paid for them, I feel that it was a great purchase.

  7. Dax Baldridge

    I have fished the Kaskaskia river in southern Illinois going on 30 years. I started with trot lines and hand cut cane poles and eventually graduated to building bank poles out of 3/4 inch PVC pipe, in my honest opinion the Hawg Lawg ditty poles are the best thing on the market for the money and better than anything I have built myself. For the novice fisherman their ease of use and fool proof design will make you look like a pro, for the seasoned river man like myself they’re tangle free, compact, and clean. There are no exposed lines or hooks so they are safe with kids and the dog in the boat and the solid pointed end is easy to wash off and doesn’t get full of mud like my PVC poles, which in turn keeps my boat clean. The circle hooks work great and have made me a believer in them and the line seems to be plenty strong enough for the big fish. My only problem was with the sinkers, but with any molded lead weight there are some imperfections. It was an easy fix with a drill and 1/8 inch bit and a few minutes of my time just reaming the holes so the lead lines slipped through easier. I bought the Hawg Lot and it came complete with all you need to start fishing. I have been in contact with The MudbuMs and they are friendly down to earth guys that stand behind their product and are very helpful. I would recommend the Hawg Lawg ditty poles to anyone wanting to start fishing for monster catfish or to the seasoned professional looking for an easier hassle free way to put more fish in the boat. I love them and I know you will too.

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