About Privacy Policies

Most online shoppers immediately click “agree” when asked to check a box indicating that they have read and understood the company’s privacy policy. In fact, most online privacy policies go unread before transactions are finalized. Privacy policies may be heavy on the “legalese.” Please take the time to read our policy.

Cookies and Online Tracking

Mudbumsupplyshack.com has employed a number of different technologies designed to make the shopping experience more pleasant and efficient, with the goal of boosting sales. For example, many online retailers have the option of remembering your credit card information and collect information to get a pretty good idea of what other products you may like to buy. But this typically means you have to give something up in return, usually some amount of privacy. We do not store your credit card information. In fact, we never see your credit card information.

Sharing Information

As a rule of thumb, reveal only that which is required to complete your order. While social media such as Facebook and Twitter have contributed to a culture of “sharers”, there are certain details about yourself that no online retailer needs to know. Retailers often try to collect additional details, such as annual household income or favorite types of entertainment, but usually just for marketing purposes. Often it is benign, but sometimes the disclosure of nonessential information can lead to spam, telemarketing calls, or worse. Rest assured, we will not share any information we obtain from you under any circumstances. We’re not the NSA.


Mudbumsupplyshack.com offers a lifetime warranty on the Hawg Lawg. If for any reason a refund or return is required, please contact us directly and we will work with you in every way possible to make it right. If your return or refund is for any other product besides the Hawg Lawg, well you guessed it, we will make that right too!

Confidential Information

We value your information and take every precaution to protect it. While we take reasonable steps to preserve the security of your information, please be aware that we can’t promise that your use of the website will be confidential, and we can’t promise that any information you provide to us is perfectly secure.

MSS Gift Certificate

The MudbuM Supply Shack Gift Certificate is redeemed for purchases through the MudbuM Supply Shack website. It is not accepted by any third-party merchant. Gift Certificate value expires 180 days after purchase if not redeemed online. All products and sale items are available for purchase with the MSS Gift Certificate. The MSS Gift Certificate code is required at the time of online checkout. A single gift certificate cannot be split among multiple recipients. The MSS Gift Certificate is purchased for online store credit and cash refunds are not available.


Mudbumsupplyshack.com utilizes a flat rate shipping fee schedule determined by zones. A zone is determined by the customers shipping address during the checkout process. Due to abnormal shipping packaging requirements, exceptions to the flat rate shipping are identified below and are in addition to flat-rate zone shipping fees. Dropship – Some items in the MudbuM Supply Shack may be drop shipped directly from the vendor/supplier.

ZONE 1 – $3.99

ZONE 2 – $4.99

ZONE 3 – $5.99

ZONE 4 – $6.99

ZONE 5 – $15.99


Hawg Lawg Starter Kit – $9.99 + Zone (FedEx)

Hawg Lawg Lot Kit – $29.99 + Zone (FedEx)

Hawg Lawg Farm Kit – $34.99 + Zone (FedEx)

RailSplitter Rods – $24.99 + Zone (USPS)

Flat Rate – Oversize – $25.00 + Zone (Dropship)

Sgt Brooks BBQ Sauce – $3.00 + Zone (Dropship)

Camp Chef – $25.00 + Zone